Caterham 420R Build Video and Audio YouTube

Build A Caterham 420R in 30 Minutes – YouTube Video

On July 11th 2020, I uploaded a bit of a longer video to YouTube documenting the build of my 420R from nearly 3 years previously. I’d always planned to do this video, but for the usual many reasons it only got a few hours here and a few hours there since finishing the build in December […]


Some People Must Be Watching – Site Stats 60k Views

As we approach 3 years since out kit arrived I thought it would be interesting to share some stats on this website. I created the site for two reasons. Firstly, it was to give something back. I’d looked at many build blogs and learnt so much from them. And I wanted to be able to […]

Maintnenace Upgrades

Softbits for Sevens Boot Cover & G-clamp Hack

Well, one thing led to another! So… for a while now, like many, I’d ditched the Caterham full-hood and have been using the Softbits for Sevens Half Hood ( The half-hood is great, perhaps not as water tight when it’s tipping down and you’re on the motorway, but it only lets a small amount of […]

Caterham & Lotus 7 Club ECU Diagnostics

Lowflying Article – If Only Caterhams Could Talk, June/July 2020

I can’t really blame anyone for this article. Even when I was writing up the ECU work on this blog, I had it in my mind that I’d be able to do a Lowflying article at some time. Then, when Michael Calvert asked members if they could write more articles for the magazine ( because […]

Blat Video and Audio YouTube

Driving Clifton Suspension Bridge – YouTube Video

This is a quicky… The weather was good and we were coming out of lockdown, so decided to get the car out for its first small run of the year. The Video I took a much longer run to get fuel and out from Bristol to Leigh Woods, Failand and then back into Bristol over […]