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Well I had to, didn’t I?

It seemed such a great tag line “Putting the EV in sEVen” that I just had to get some T-shirts printed… and hoodies, polos and fleeces! 🤣

I used a local printing company called Carrillion here in Bristol. They were crazy busy but did manage to get me my stuff in a couple of weeks, ready for the CL7C event at Beaulieu

Carillion had a ton of different garment suppliers to chose from but all the ones I selected seemed to come back a bit on the small size – ahh-hum! I’ll probably get some more printed in some different sizes, and the T-s have proved very popular with family and friends.

I sort of got an image of me talking to Bob Laishley, the new Caterham Cars CEO, with the purple hoodie on. And before anyone asks, he’s not telling me off – honest!

The hoodie is certainly something that I’ll probably only wear at events where I’m pushing the brand! 🤣

The fleece is something I wear all the time in the garage at this time of year (winter). 

Talking to Bob Laishley about EV’s (courtesy of Caterham’s Social Media people)
Putting the EV in sEVen – T-shirt
Putting the EV in sEVen – T-shirt Rear
Putting the EV in sEVen – Polo
Putting the EV in sEVen – Hoodie
Putting the EV in sEVen – Fleece


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