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Today I finally got to posting my 2018 and 2019 track day experiences as a YouTube video.

I’d recorded quite a lot of video at the Rockingham 2018 L7C Novices Trackday, but hadn’t got around to turning it into something fit to be published.

After the unexpected success of the build video I was looking for a video to finish off and this one seemed to be the one to go for.

I’d started editing a video about the trackday a few times in the 2 1/2 years since doing the trackday but never found enough time to really have a go at it.

So after the build video it took a few months to find enough time to get this video over the line. I learn a lot every time I create a new video and this was no exception.

The timeline for the Final Cut Pro project was complicated, but nowhere near as complicated as the Build Video – which had a lot of sped up video, titling and captions. I also made the mistake of not working hard enough on the voice over when I recorded it on the build video, which meant I had many hours trying to fix the audio in post.

The spoken piece to camera on this Novices video went a lot more smoothly. But again, I should have spent more time practicing the script, to make it more fluid, and to re-do pieces that I fluffed and should have stopped and re-recorded. Again, that took a lot of effort to try and fix in post, with variable results.

Here’s a shot of the FCP timeline:

Final Cut Pro Timeline for Novices Trackday Video

The Tumbnail deserves a bit of discussion: It’s a montage of bits and pieces and I changed the colour of my jumper to be purple rather than grey. Here’s the image stack from Pixelmator.

Layer stack for putting together the Novices Trackday Thumbnail in Pixelmator

This video was great fun to make, I hope you enjoy it and that it encourages at least a few people to have a go at a track day.


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