ECU Diagnostics – part 6 : Reading Material




Another quick one, really quick this time…

Mark (CTRMint) had been doing his research and had told us about a book he was buying, and I just couldn’t resist…

The Car Hacker’s Handbook

The book isn’t the cheapest of purchases, at least not in the UK. But for me it was well worth it.

It took an evening to read the most interesting stuff, which was the first 2/3 of the book for me.

There was some great stuff in there and it really helped frame the issues we were facing. It introduced me to the idea that there might be other protocols on top of the CAN bus protocol, like ISO-15765 (ISOTP) and Unified Diagnostic Services (UDS). It also confirmed some things we’d come to think were probable, like the request/response procedure that devices seemed to be using.

It’s always difficult to think back about what value books like this were to us in our investigations, but I think it moved me along at least a couple of weeks of regular surfing in the space of an evening.

If you’re interested in picking apart a CAR diagnostics network then this book would be a great starter. If you’re an old hand at this sort of stuff then I suspect it would be too simplistic for you, but it was a great primer for me.


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