Build Session 26 : Coolant Bleeding – Unproductive





After the euphoria and relief of getting the engine going yesterday we thought we’d have another look at what might be causing the coolant temperature to get so high. We only had an hour or so in the morning but couldn’t resist another look to see if we could find any obvious air-locks. Little did we know at this point that the coolant temperature was supposed to get that high (105C is normal), but we weren’t taking any chances.

We played around for a while, attempting to bleed air from the system: heater connections, rear of cylinder head, thermostat T-piece and radiator top hose. There didn’t seem to be any air in the system from what we could tell and due to a lack of time decided again to consult with Derek and see what he said in the morning.

Three wise monkeys reviewing the coolant system

At the end of our efforts the engine bay still looked like this…

Engine bay the day after first start


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