Williams Visit 6 : Track Day Roll Bar and IVA Discussion





Nick from Williams called today to say that the track rollover-bar, that I’d ordered, had arrived. So, in between meetings I popped over to the showroom to pick it up.

Track roll over bar in its bubble wrap at Williams

While I was there I took the opportunity to look over a couple of Caterhams one of which had the bonnet removed. I was interested in where the washer bottle was located (along with checking the steps I’d already completed like he front suspension)… it was on the lower end of the passenger footwell where I’d seen others placed. That was in contrast to where I had seen one placed on a 420R a few weeks earlier, which was on the N/S top chassis rail (almost impossible to fill from there). But more on washer bottles in a later post.

I had a chat with both Nick and Paul (the sales manager) about IVA (Individual Vehicle Approval). I’m starting to think about how I’m going to get this car tested. Williams can do the Post Build Check (PBC) but not transport the car to/from IVA or do the paperwork. I’ll need to ring the local IVA test centre in Avonmouth and find out what sort of wait time there is for a test at the moment.


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