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Derek had responded to my previous email about the ARB bush colour really quickly this morning and so I had a quick look at the next steps for the ARB. I wasn’t going to be able to do anything today but I at least wanted to familiarise myself with what should happen.

I also resolved to spend more time hunting out bits for the next steps prior to needing them. So, I opened up the manual before going to work today and started to look for ARB components.

I got to the section in the manual that talks about the front ARB install but couldn’t find the radiator inner cowl that needs to go in before the ARB can be attached on a 420R. I opened all my remaining kit boxes and checked through them twice. The manual is fairly vague about what the cowl might look like and I only figured that out by looking at other people’s blogs. It should look something like this (though it’s marked as a Sigma part on the Chaterham web site)…

Inner Radiator Cowl no longer fitted (courtesy of the Caterham web site)

Another email to Derek…

From me:

Thanks Derek. I think I may have a short. I can find no trace of the inner radiator cowl. The manual seems to be pretty vague about it so I hadn’t appreciated what it looks like until re-reading blogs about ARB.

Where would I find it if I did have it. I’ve emptied the really big boxes with loose components onto shelves, so I’m sure I would have seen it if it were in them. It’s also not on the aerial picture of all the components I took.

From Derek:

We no longer fit the cowling to the 420R as we felt the cooling was better without it.

Hmm. Ok. So all that time looking for the cowl and I don’t need one.


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  1. Pete Avatar

    why oh why dont they ever keep the manuals up to date,all the time wasted. it never seems to happen does it.

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