Email Derek 2 : ARB Bush Colour and the Red Dot





Having got to the front Anti Roll Bar (ARB) installation I went looking for the bushes that fit on the bar and inside the brackets. The manual says to use the bushes that are the same colour as the dot sticker that has been stuck onto the front anti roll bar. Two of the family thought it was red and two thought it was orange.

Front ARB dot shows colour of bush to use… looks pretty orange to me

Therefore an email was required to Derek…

Hi Derek,

  A question on the front ARB: The manual says to use the bushes that match the coloured dot on the ARB. Perhaps its the light at night but half the family thinks the dot is red and half think its orange. My initial thought is that its orange but then I’ve read blatchat posts that have confused me.

  Should I use the orange or red bushes for the front ARB on my 420R SV?


From Derek:

Use the red ones for the front and the orange for the rear.

Of course I needn’t have emailed Derek in the end. Once you actually look closer at the bushes or take them out of their poly bag, you can clearly see that they have different internal dimensions that match up with the smaller front and larger rear ARBs – doh!

ARB bushes in poly bag, note different internal dimensions


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