Telephone Call 2 – Williams, Track Roll Over Bar





The first task today was a simple one – a call to Nick the parts guy at Williams Automobiles. I’d decided, for better or worse, that I wanted to go with the track roll bar and not the standard one that I had ordered and had delivered with the car.

Lindon at Williams had recommended that I go with the standard roll bar for my mainly road and occasional trackday use. However, having read various forum posts and one in particular about some hill climbs insisting on the track roll bars, I decided that while I was in the process of putting one on, I’d be happier if it was the higher rated one.

It took a couple of days for Nick to get back with prices and availability but I’ve ordered the new roll bar and will see if I can sell the original one. Caterham had one in stock and Williams are due a large delivery this week that the order can be added to. Should arrive before the end of the week.

The old bar does look at little flimsy in comparison to the track one, but I’m sure is fine in almost all situations, but I’ll feel happier with the uprated one.

Track Roll Bar (courtesy of the Caterham web site)
Standard Roll Bar (courtesy of the Caterham web site)


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