Pre-build Update #6 – Delays but now “in build”





Breaking news: The Purplemeanie 420R is now “in build”. Caterham have updated their online systems to show that the car is now being built. Delivery is still likely to be end of July or early August.

For those of you that have been asking… the Caterham 420R kit car delivery date is delayed but is now on what Caterham has as a production line. When we’d ordered the car we had been given a build week of Wk26. This recently then slipped to Wk28 but is now showing on Caterham’s online tracking system as August. The latest is that we might hope to get the kit delivered late July or early August.

BTW: sorry for the lack of posts. That will be a relief to some of you but others have been asking where I’ve got to. It’s been a busy first half of 2017 with three trips to the US since my last post (Dallas, Salt Lake City and Sacramento, Clearwater (Florida)). I had planned a bunch of updates but I just haven’t had time. Hopefully things are going to quieten down now for the next few months.

I have also managed to get a morning over at the dealership (Williams) to take some pictures of a factory built 420R. I’m hoping the images will give me some reference for when the jigsaw puzzle finally arrives.

Here’s one of the many pictures I took…

Engine bay of Factory built 420R


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