Pre-build Update #4 – The Colour is Lotus Aubergine





The Colour will be Lotus Aubergine

Aubergine colour sample

The colour is going to be Lotus Aubergine. There are many Purple Caterham Seven’s around but I’ve not seen too many that look like they’re Aubergine. Please leave me a comment if you know otherwise.

Williams have been chasing for the colour. I had been trying to find something a little darker but we couldn’t seem to make a great deal of progress on that, so Aubergine it is.

Rear Line Drawing

I’ve also spent a little time on getting a rear line drawing of a Seven together. There’s a plan for the line drawings that will become clear in a later post but for the moment I now have both front and back drawings done. Both could do with some more TLC being spent on them so I’ll wait to post them in their native format until that’s complete.

Second Deposit

With about nine weeks to go Williams have asked for the second deposit, which was paid this week.

What’s Next

Hopefully, we’re back on track for weekly updates. Last week we were out of the country on holiday and so there wasn’t much to report. Next weeks post will be on the back of another trip to the US, so hopefully there will be time to say something interesting.

I was also due to go to the London Motor Show next week for a petrol-head fix, but due to US trip I won’t be able to make it now – bummer! However, I should be back in the UK next Sunday morning and that means I’ll be able to make it to the Bristol Motor Show at The Mall, Cribbs Causeway. Williams have a display there so we’ll go and have a poke around and see what’s going on.

The weeks are ticking by now. On the todo list is still a project plan and I need to check through the tools I’ll need to make sure I have everything I need. I have a list of things to consider but I need to do a full run through and check what I’ll be needing.



2 responses to “Pre-build Update #4 – The Colour is Lotus Aubergine”

  1. Bill Ellingford Avatar
    Bill Ellingford

    Hi John, I like the Aubergine colour! What is your engine choice?

    1. John Martin Avatar
      John Martin

      Hi Bill, I’m going for the 420R… 210bhp, lighter flywheel, dry sump etc

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