First Pass of the Build Manual





Ok, so today I had a ten and a half hour flight to Los Angeles from London. There wasn’t much for it but to read the build manual cover to cover. I ended up, reading 2015 V2, which Williams later confirmed as the latest available.

I spent the flight trying to digest everything and understand where it was confusing or unclear. I then marked the areas I wouldn’t be needing and corrected all the references to figures that were just about all wrong – initially the figures were all out by a count of 3, but later on that jumped to an offset of 6. Figure 100 in the text should have said 94, etc.

This is such a simple and obvious mistake by Caterham. I’m dumbfounded. A rainy Sunday afternoon with the original of the manual and it would be fixed in no time. How can they justify not fixing such glaring mistakes… amazing! It wouldn’t also be beyond the wit of man/woman to tweak the manual every time someone pointed out an error. For the 5 minutes it would take every time… they’d have an at least passable manual in a couple of months with only 5 minutes work a day. Amazing.

It took a few hours to read the manual but it’s done now and makes more sense of things when I’m reading build blogs and forum posts. It’s well advised that anyone doing a build reads the build manual as soon as you can stomach it.


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