I’ve always wanted to build a Caterham, for as long as I can remember. It was one of those bucket list things but I just never had the time.

Recently we had a couple of those life events that everyone goes through. They focused my mind on the fact that I’m not getting any younger and if I wanted to enjoy some of my bucket list then I’d better get on with them before the bucket sprang a leak.

I can probably blame my wife and a friend Darrell for the final push. We were just chatting on the touchline of one of the kids football games when I thought, bugger it, I’m going to stop just talking about it and get on with it. Darrell was relaying a story where a bunch of dads had had one of those beery evenings where they’d all signed up to build a car together. However, over the following few days they had all bailed and nothing had come of it. I knew I was going to build something at some time and bailing was not going to be an option for much longer.

Time to investigate more seriously.

Having done some research it was clear that delivery times were going to be a problem. Estimates were in the 8+ month range and that was going to put a build into the winter of 2017/18. Disappointing, but not a deal breaker. If it was going to take that long then no time like the present to start the discussion. Some more Googling and I realised that Williams Automotives were not too far away and I might as well have a chat.

That week I called Williams and set up a couple of test drives and a informal chat with Lindon. See First Test Drives for more detail on that experience.

Once the test drives were over there was no doubt about it, I needed to scratch the itch and get on with it. Lindon checked the online Caterham build system and looked just as shocked as I was when he told me that above all expectations they had a build slot available for a kit car in June of 2017. He double checked with Caterham on the phone and told me that the slot was mine until someone else ponied up a deposit.

That weekend I got the finance committee together, discussed it with the rest of the team and I called Lindon to get the ball rolling and to put the deposit down.

The rest, as they say, is history… or at least it will be if you’re following along as we embark on this adventure.


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  1. Nick Church Avatar

    Fascinating stuff JM. Love it when a plan like this starts coming together.

    Let me know if you want the project photographed along the way – you’ve likely these skills in-house, but the offer’s there. And if not, can I have a nose at it one day anyway?? ?


    1. John Martin Avatar
      John Martin

      Thanks for the photography offer Nick, we’ll see how we get on. And of course you can come and see it, it’ll be open house for anyone interested. John

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